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posted in: | 0 is a very addictive online multiplayer game inspired by the legendary Your task is to navigate your snake in the game field and eating coloured lights to expand the mass. Once all the snake accidents in another snake with its head the game ends for him and it becomes food for other snakes. In the lower right corner of the game you can see the navigation map that tells you where you stand and where to find more mass and other snakes as well. The main objective is to achieve the highest possible score and dominate the snake around the nest.

First stage

The game starts by generating the snake in its base (smallest) size somewhere in the playing field. Once you have collected some first pixels of light and your snake is a little larger, you can start using speed boost and attack other snakes. Every time you accelerate your snake loses some of its size and leaves a small part of its mass in the form of coloured lights behind. Accelerate your snake with the left mouse button. In the early stages of the game with the size snake around a few hundred points you will have enough power for continuous acceleration and your snake will not be too massive to lose manoeuvrability. At this stage, it is advantageous to move in the middle of the playing field as most other snakes congregate there, which leads to frequent collisions due to which you can fairly quickly increase the size of your snake up several thousand points.


Catch average Snakes into traps

Once your snake grows to about 10,000 points, it is not practical to move in highly active areas such as your snake has lost its perfect manoeuvrability and therefore, it faces an increased risk of collision with other snakes. Often you can get in a situation where there will be a number of snakes around you and simply unable to avoid the collision because your snake turning radius is too large. We recommend here to move more on the edges of active regions where you can try to eat small snakes systematically catch them in traps. Simply create a loop with your snake and lock other snakes inside. It is useless to start hunting the snakes means if your snake has reached a reasonable weight yet you will struggle to create a closed loop. This game step is really fun and enjoyable but also very difficult. Do not waste time catching small snakes that the entire process of capturing another snake with an increased risk of collision. Mainly try to catch snakes in the size of at least a thousand or more pixels.

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Trap-lines Creation

If you go through the intermediate step of successful game by eating enough mass and size is now more than 20,000 points, you can start the next phase. This means you need to create great loops to cover larger areas with no chance of escape to other snakes. You most likely catch more than one snake at a time and will not even know! At this stage of Slither io Hack, it is recommended to move rather beside the actual playing field. Try to make the largest enclosed spaces in which other snakes is trapped. Initially try to avoid using the acceleration that can put other snakes warning they could be in danger. Once you are close to surround the area and also confident that snakes inside no chance of passing through rather accelerate to lock the area quickly. This way, you can play the game until the end. The more weight your snake has the largest surface area, you can exclude! In all cases avoid areas with a high incidence of snakes because with dimensions there is virtually no chance to defend. If even the smallest snake approaches you, it is advisable to quickly accelerate or change direction of movement to avoid the collision. Everyone will try to do now! It is best to create surprisingly large closed areas where you can catch more snakes.

Finally be sure to share your score in the comments below the game!

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